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Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Domain Validation SSL Certificate in Bangladesh

DV SSL is an entry-level SSL, it's issued lightning-fast and provides strong encryption. A DV SSL can be issued within minutes, making it the go-to option for anyone looking to secure their domain quickly.

Comodo / Sectigo RapidSSL Thawte GeoTrust

Domain Validation - SSL - Alpha Net


1,040 / yr

  • Warranty $10,000
  • Issuance 1-15 Days

Comodo Essential

1,660 / yr

  • Warranty $10,000
  • Issuance 1-15 Days


1,750 / yr

  • Warranty $10,000
  • Issuance 1-15 Days

PositiveSSL Multi-Domain

3,125 / yr

  • Warranty $10,000
  • Issuance 1-15 Days

Thawte 123

5,600 / yr

  • Warranty $5,00,000
  • Issuance 1-15 Days

Comodo SSL

5,830 / yr

  • Warranty $250,000
  • Issuance 1-15 Days

Fast, affordable domain authenticated encryption for a single domain

Features Lowest Price Domain Issuance Time Warranty Action
Positive ৳ 1,040/yr Single 1-15 Days $10,000 ORDER
Comodo Essential ৳ 1,660/yr Single 1-15 Days $10,000 ORDER
RapidSSL ৳ 1,750/yr Single 1-15 Days $10,000 ORDER
PositiveSSL Multi-Domain ৳ 3,125/yr Up to 250 1-15 Days $10,000 ORDER
Thawte 123 ৳ 5,600/yr Single 1-15 Days $5,00,000 ORDER
Comodo SSL ৳ 5,830/yr Single 1-15 Days $250,000 ORDER
Comodo Essential Wildcard ৳ 12,080/yr Single Domain + Unlimited Subdomain 1-15 Days $10,000 ORDER
Positive Wildcard ৳ 11,660/yr Single Domain + Unlimited Subdomain 1-15 Days $10,000 ORDER
Comodo Wildcard ৳ 27,910/yr Single Domain + Unlimited Subdomain 1-15 Days $250,000 ORDER
Sectigo Wildcard ৳ 31,040/yr Single Domain + Unlimited Subdomain 1-15 Days $500,000 ORDER
Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC Wildcard ৳ 49,790/yr Up to 250 Domains + Unlimited Subdomain 1-15 Days $500,000 ORDER
Domain Validation SSL Certificate installation in Bangladesh

Low Cost Domain Validation SSL Certificate in Bangladesh

Domain Validation SSL certificates are the most basic of the three types of SSL certificates. While Organization Validation and Extended Validation require multiple steps in which the Certificate Authority vets the company or organization applying for the certificate, Domain Validation takes just a single step.

  • Improve security & increase credibility.
  • Helps with a website's Search Engine Ranking.

Alpha Net is the leading lowest-cost SSL Certificate provider in Bangladesh. Through strategic partnerships with the major SSL certificate providers such as Comodo, Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, DigiCert etc.

Why Choose Alpha Net for your SSL Certificate?

01 Low Cost SSL


You can get some of the best SSL prices on Alpha Net. You can find the best fit for your needs without wasting time.

02 Super Fast SSL Activation


Your SSL Certificate price comes with our convenient 3-click activation. You’ll be up and running with website protection faster.

03 SSL Support


Asking yourself where to buy SSL Certificate encryption? You won’t find our Support Team distracted by other products.

Strong SSL Encryption

Low Cost Certificates

Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates are cheaper compared to Wildcard SSL and EV SSL certificates. You will get the same 256-bit encryption at the lowest cost because of the automated domain validation process.

Strong SSL Encryption

Immediate Issuance

Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate offers fast issuance without requiring any legal formalities. A site owner can enable HTTPS security in a day and give assurance to your site visitors immediately.

Strong SSL Encryption

Paperless Verification

Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate follows an automated domain validation process to prove your control over the domain. You don’t need to provide any documents to get your SSL certificate.

Strong SSL Encryption


Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates can work for www and non-www domains of a website. Either a customer types with WWW or non-www, the website loads with SSL Security without any error.

Strong SSL Encryption

Unlimited Server License

Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates can be installed on different servers without paying any extra charge. A site owner can easily reissue the current certificate and install it on the desired server easily.

Strong SSL Encryption

Free Trust Seal

Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate comes with a free trust seal that can be placed on any page of a website where high assurance is required. Such a seal enhances the confidence of customers.



An SSL certificate verifies your website’s identity and encrypts information transmitted between your customer’s browser to your site. This prevents cybercriminals from snooping on the interactions between you and your customers.
An SSL certificate keeps your website secure. Customers can ensure that the information they enter on secure pages is private and not visible to cybercriminals.

Yes. SSL must require for any kind of online business. It will help to secure web forms, user’s credentials, and online transactions from unwanted data spying activities.
If you are running a media platform where you are not collecting any information from users, then HTTPS will help to reduce the risk of ads injecting and site tampering.
As per Google’s announcement, HTTPS is now almost mandatory for every website as browsers have started to flag the site as ‘Not Secure’. Even Google encourages HTTPS on almost every site to provide visitors a secure environment.
Thus, An SSL certificate is a primary requirement to protect customer's data, boost online sales, and improve ranking positions in search engines.

For SSL issues we need CSR & Email address access. Generate CSR & Create admin@yourdomain & administrator@yourdomain both email address and send to us.

The price of SSL is only for Certificate Issues. You'll receive a link to complete your SSL Certificate order. If you want to install your SSL Certificate by own, please follow the link. If you would like Alpha Net to install your SSL certificate on your server, there is a One-Time service charge. The Installation charge will be BDT. 5000/- (Per Domain/ Per Sub-Domain).

Our SSL Installation Requirements

  • Server Full Access Administrator/Root (Any Hosting Control Panel)
  • Login Access on admin@yourdomain Mail

Need Help?

If you need any help to select the right solution for your business, please call us at 09613-250250 within 9:00AM- 9:00PM or you can start a live chat. Alpha Net's support team is available 24/7 via live chat.

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