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You can renew your domain name at any moment for a period of one year or more. You won't have to worry about your domain name expiring, and your cloud hosting project will be up and running at all times.

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Our transfer system is fully automated, and it's designed to keep your site up and running during the transfer. Check out how simple we've made the procedure for you to transfer your domain.

Country Level Domain Registration

Low Cost .info, .biz, .asia and 1500+ new Domain Names

Looking to register a .info, .biz, .mobi or .asia Domain in Bangladesh? These top-level Domains are called sponsored Domains, and registration of each is handled by different registry/entities. You can register any of these popular Domains with Alpha Net. Alpha Net provides low cost Domain Name Registration in Bangladesh. You can register these sponsored Domains, .com or .net Domains and many other popular country level domains with Alpha Net.

Domain Ownership Guarantee

Alpha Net guarantees that you will be the registered owner (Registrant) of the Domain you register with Alpha Net. You will have complete access and control over your Domains via a secure a control panel. If you are looking to host your Website, we offer additional discount over our already low Domain registration prices when you purchase a Hosting plan.

Domain Price List

Check the detailed pricing of the top-level and most popular TLDs

Domain TLD Register Renew Transfer Availability
.com BDT. 1,795 / year BDT. 1,840 / year BDT. 1,795 / year Check Now
.net BDT. 2,190 / year BDT. 2,665 / year BDT. 2,190 / year Check Now
.org BDT. 1,520 / year BDT. 2,065 / year BDT. 2,020 / year Check Now
.biz BDT. 2,430 / year BDT. 2,430 / year BDT. 2,435 / year Check Now
.name BDT. 1,380 / year BDT. 1,700 / year BDT. 1,382 / year Check Now
.asia BDT. 2,065 / year BDT. 2,540 / year BDT. 2,065 / year Check Now
.mobi BDT. 4,120 / year BDT. 4,990 / year BDT. 4,120 / year Check Now
.online BDT. 5,260 / year BDT. 3,450 / year BDT. 5,259 / year Check Now
.store BDT. 8,225 / year BDT. 5,170 / year BDT. 8,225 / year Check Now
.news BDT. 3,955 / year BDT. 4,700 / year BDT. 4,950 / year Check Now
.live BDT. 3,995 / year BDT. 4,700 / year BDT. 3,952 / year Check Now
.info BDT. 750 / year BDT. 4,485 / year BDT. 4,015 / year Check Now

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Save on all your Domain name registration & renewals with a discounted Bulk Registration package from Alpha Net. With a Discount Registration package, you can register and renew your Domain names anytime, anywhere by logging into your Domain control panel.

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