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Secure Socket Layer (SSL)


Code Signing can provide several valuable features. The most common use of code signing is to provide security when deploying in some programming languages, it can also be used to help prevent namespace conflicts.

Comodo / Sectigo RapidSSL Thawte

CodeSigning SSL Certificate - Alpha Net

Sectigo Code Signing

45,885 / yr

  • Warranty N/A
  • Issuance 1-15 Days

Comodo Code Signing

48,210 / yr

  • Warranty N/A
  • Issuance 1-15 Days

Comodo EV Code Signing

60,260 / yr

  • Warranty N/A
  • Issuance 1-15 Days

Sectigo EV Code Signing

60,260 / yr

  • Warranty N/A
  • Issuance 1-15 Days
Features Lowest Price Domain Issuance Time Warranty Action
Sectigo Code Signing ৳ 45,885/yr Single 1-15 Days N/A ORDER
Comodo Code Signing ৳ 48,210/yr Single 1-15 Days N/A ORDER
Comodo EV Code Signing ৳ 60,260/yr Single 1-15 Days N/A ORDER
Sectigo EV Code Signing ৳ 60,260/yr Single 1-15 Days N/A ORDER
Code Signing SSL Certificate installation in Bangladesh

Buy Code Signing SSL at Lowest Price in Bangladesh

Code Signing which allows you to add digital signatures to your executables enables software developers to include information about themselves and the integrity of their code with their software. The end-users that download digitally signed 32-bit or 64-bit executable files (.exe, .ocx, .dll, .cab, and more) can be confident that the code really comes from you and has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed.

  • Improves customer confidence
  • Improves software downloads
  • Maintains content authenticity
  • Maintains software accountability
  • Windows compatible
  • Widely recognized certificate

Alpha Net is the leading lowest-cost SSL Certificate provider in Bangladesh. Through strategic partnerships with the major SSL certificate providers such as Comodo, Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, DigiCert etc.

Why You Need Code Signing Certificate

Digitally Sign Your Code. Improve Customer Trust. Boost Adoptions of Your Software and Apps.

Benifits of Code Signing SSL


Users will face unknown publisher warnings while downloading your software. As a result, they will start to distrust your software soon.

Benifits of Code Signing SSL


Code Signing Certificates verify the author’s identity and assures the user that the code is not modified since it is signed.

Benifits of Code Signing SSL


Developers can save their software from unwanted modifications. As a result, there will be a rise in downloads.



When the code is signed with a digital signature, the users will get assurance that they are downloading authenticate software.

Higher Sales Conversion

Brand Reputation

Showcase your business name as a verified publisher during downloads as customers want a simple installation of software or apps.

Boost Revenue

Boost Revenue

By authenticating your software, users will put trust in your software which will result in a high download ratio and revenue.

User Protection

User Protection

Users will feel protected as software code is digitally signed and time-stamped with the company’s name. No place for illegal software code.

Improve user trust

Improve User Trust

Users will feel safe while downloading your legitimate software so the trust level of users will increase automatically.

Supported File Formates

Supported File Formats

Code Signing Certificate protects .exe, .ocx, .dll, .msi, .jar file (for updated Java version) formats in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Single Certificate for All Platforms

Single Certificate for All Platforms

Purchase code signing to secure .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi and .xap files that supportd digital signatures. It prevents your all files from tampering.

  • Windows 8.0 and later
  • Internet Explorer 9 and later
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla object files
  • Java Applets
  • Apple applications & plug-ins
  • Adobe Air
  • Microsoft Authenticode

SSL Certificate Providers Brands

SSL Providers
SSL Providers
SSL Providers
SSL Providers
SSL Providers



An SSL certificate verifies your website’s identity and encrypts information transmitted between your customer’s browser to your site. This prevents cybercriminals from snooping on the interactions between you and your customers.
An SSL certificate keeps your website secure. Customers can ensure that the information they enter on secure pages is private and not visible to cybercriminals.

Yes. SSL must require for any kind of online business. It will help to secure web forms, user’s credentials, and online transactions from unwanted data spying activities.
If you are running a media platform where you are not collecting any information from users, then HTTPS will help to reduce the risk of ads injecting and site tampering.
As per Google’s announcement, HTTPS is now almost mandatory for every website as browsers have started to flag the site as ‘Not Secure’. Even Google encourages HTTPS on almost every site to provide visitors a secure environment.
Thus, An SSL certificate is a primary requirement to protect customer's data, boost online sales, and improve ranking positions in search engines.

For SSL issues we need CSR & Email address access. Generate CSR & Create admin@yourdomain & administrator@yourdomain both email address and send to us.

The price of SSL is only for Certificate Issues. You'll receive a link to complete your SSL Certificate order. If you want to install your SSL Certificate by own, please follow the link. If you would like Alpha Net to install your SSL certificate on your server, there is a One-Time service charge. The Installation charge will be BDT. 5000/- (Per Domain/ Per Sub-Domain).

Our SSL Installation Requirements

  • Server Full Access Administrator/Root (Any Hosting Control Panel)
  • Login Access on admin@yourdomain Mail

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