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BDIX Hosting Server in Bangladesh

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BDIX is the leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh. More than 3,500 ISP in Bangladesh interconnect with BDIX. This reduces the latency between any two points in Bangladesh from several hundred milliseconds to only 1-20 milliseconds. BDIX saves a massive amount of international bandwidth. BDIX also provides inter-connectivity for IP Telephone service in Bangladesh. If you are looking to provide fast, reliable and large bandwidth service to customers in Bangladesh, you should choose a BDIX connected Hosting solution.

BDIX Hosting Servers in Bangladesh

As the leading Hosting & Cloud Infrastructure provider in Bangladesh, Alpha Net provides fast BDIX Hosting solutions. Alpha Net maintains private cloud infrastructure at two leading Datacenters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Both of these Datacenters are connected to BDIX over a fiber link. The average response time between these two Datacenters is only 1-2 milliseconds! For low latency, fast connections to websites and services in Bangladesh, choose any of the following BDIX connected services with Bangladeshi IP Address: Web Hosting, VPS, VPN, Cloud Storage, Dedicated Servers and IP Telephone.

Data Center Infrastructure

  • Redundant Power from independent power grids, backed by redundant UPS & backup generator
  • Redundant Cooling & Fire Suppression System.
  • Data carrier redundancy.
  • Multiple network service providers, each with separate routes into the facility. 
  • 24/7/365 staffed Network Operations Center (NOC).

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