NvME Drive VPS available now in Residential RDP Platform

NvME Drive VPS available now in Residential RDP Platform

14 Oct 2019

We are always looking for ways in which we can offer more to our loyal customers. This not only ensures you remain happy with our service but also that you get the best Residential RDP on the market. Wherever you are based in the world, we are committed to always upgrading and improving what we do to achieve this.

With this in mind, we are very proud to announce news of the latest cutting-edge NvME storage technology being implemented in our USA Based All Residential RDP Platform. We upgrade and introduce New location of USA Residential RDP with New IP range time to time. Now in addition of this latest storage tech has made Residential Platform a better option to take advantage of!

This new NvME technology will be used instead of the industry standard SSD storage solution that was used previously in our USA Residential RDP Platform. While SSD is still perfectly fine to use, NvME just delivers more in terms of speed and innovation. As the latest and newest development in this area, NVMe VPS was just something that we had to put in place for our Residential RDP Platform. The simple fact is that NvME is 5 times faster than SSD. This means faster load speeds and more responsive VPS hosting to take advantage of.

As the latest development in storage for RDP, you may begin to hear more and more about NvME. This makes it essential to understand what it is and to have an idea of what it is about. As we have outlined above, the speed of access to data is one of the key elements of any VPS. This is what makes your file will copy fast & you can install any kind of software in our RDP very fast. SSD was first developed to help achieve faster access speeds and still does a decent job to this day.

However, as people want faster and faster data access speeds then new tech has been developed to help. This is where NvME comes in. Standing for 'Nonvolatile memory express protocol', it connects via PCI Express buses or new connectors like U.2 or M.2. As these connections are more direct, the end result for the user is lower latency speeds, a reduction in power use and greater IOPS.

The bottom line is that the NvME storage will help our USA Residential RDP user as better performance as RDP use. Customer can work smoothly on their RDP Platform.

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